When should you take your Vitamins?

Reaching Goals takes WORK!

When it comes to supplements there are many theories out there. Many folks believe a good Multivitamin should be taken with breakfast while others believe that a post workout multi can be very effective.

Here’s what we’ve concluded for our customers using Herbally Pure, and we interviewed a number of them. No two people are the same, you’ll need to investigate.  See if you can determine when you get the best results from taking your Herbally Pure.

One recommendation I always make to my customers is to take their supplements at a time when they’re more likely to stick with it! Sometimes convenience is the best answer.  Take them when it’s convenient!  Leave your vitamins with your other medication.  Put them next to your coffee pot.  Just being sure you take them is as important as how effective you believe the timing is. If you don’t take them, you won’t get the overall benefit. Before or after breakfast, before or after your workout, with other medications you are taking, before you go to bed, sure, experiment, but whatever you do, don’t forget your Herbally Pure…