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Our New And Improved Herbally Pure High Potency Liquid Vitamins
Loaded With Minerals and Antioxidants

Herbally Pure Liquid Vitamins

Herbally Pure Liquid Multivitamins 16oz. or 32oz. Feed your body the nutritional FUEL it needs to run strong all day.

Super Energy Vitamin Water

Pre Mixed Purified Water That Is Electrolyte Enhanced High Potency Vitamins Loaded With Minerals And Antioxidants In A Convenient 8oz water bottle.

Super Energy Shot

The First HEALTHY Energy Shot! 25 vitamins minerals and antioxidants in a one shot dose. Electrolyte Enhanced!!

Vitamin Water Kit

Make Your Own High Potency Vitamin Water. Multi Vitamin Water that attacks the cause of Fatigue not the symptom. Feed Your Body What It Needs, Don’t Crank It Up On Stimulants!

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All About Herbally Pure:
Herbally Pure: High Potency Liquid Vitamins and Minerals with Antioxidants

Great tasting Herbally Pure electrolyte enhanced vitamins and minerals with Antioxidants has a better than 95% absorption rate. Your Body Is Like A Sponge. Address the cause of feeling fatigued and rundown, not the symptoms. Don't just crank your system up on stimulants, feed your body the nutritional FUEL it needs to run strong all day long,

According to the Physicians Desk Reference, 85-90% of nutrients in liquid vitamin supplements are absorbed in 22 to 30 seconds. Compare this to the three to four hours it takes for 10%-20% of the nutrients absorbed by the digestive system from vitamins in pill form.

This means for every $100 spent on pill form vitamins and mineral nutrients, 80% ($80) is lost due to lack of absorption. Pill companies must use very large and concentrated doses of nutrients to try to make up for the lack of absorption. Not only are pill formulas less effective, the concentrated doses can and will tax the kidneys.

  • Highest Potency and absorption rate

  • Only what your body needs

  • No Fructose or animal products

  • Pure and Simple


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