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Herbally Pure for Cancer Patients

Liquid Vitamins and Minerals for Cancer Patients

Few people realize the importance of liquid vitamins and minerals supplements for our health and even fewer know that cancer can be prevented to some degree with such products. This was first highlighted by Dr. Max Gerson, a physician that died in 1959. Surprisingly, he had a 50% cure rate when talking about cancer and he did not use radiation therapy, surgery or chemotherapy. With modern medicine, if cancer is discovered in its early stages, there is a big chance of getting cured although in some it simply does not happen. It is crucial that we live a healthy life in order to lower the risk of developing such a dangerous disease.

Cancer is basically a disturbed metabolism result and treatment is very difficult. So is the prevention of some cancer types as they can be hereditary and might involve different elements and factors that are not always under our control. The best prevention method we can use against cancer is to have a body that is detoxified at all times. It can be difficult to obtain but detoxification is required once in a while. Some people even argue that religious traditions aiming at forbidding various foods have been thought of as a detox for the human body and the result was a cleaner and stronger individual although lacking some crucial vitamins required in our daily diets. This is why liquid vitamins and minerals are highly important in our bodies or at least one of the most important reasons.

Our liver is highly important when talking about cancer. It helps in linking a lot of aspects of human physiology. Our livers will filter toxins and transform them so that the bile can eventually eliminate toxic elements. It is also crucial due to working interdependently with our stomach and pancreas in order to aid in the production of digestive enzymes lipase, pepsin and trypsin.

Cancer cells love low oxygen and potassium environments. If we can take away the conditions needed for cancer to continue to live or to appear we are basically helping ourselves in combating the disease. In most cases cancer cells will die if high levels of oxidizing and potassium enzymes are absorbed by them. One of the solutions used in alternative medicine to treat cancer stands in liver injections that contain vitamin B12 (in order to increase red blood cell numbers) and mineral iodine (in order to aid the body to restore the cellular level of mineral potassium needed).

If we want to generalize we can say that liquid vitamins and minerals are crucial for many health problems including cancer. Unfortunately it will not work in all cases and the key is prevention. Taking your daily vitamins and minerals is not just a catchphrase as cancer is not the only disease that can appear when we do not get enough water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins combined with minerals and other needed nutrients like organic carbon minerals. Information is the key to healthy living and properly understanding the causes of diseases will immediately bring up methods of prevention. A healthy diet that includes liquid vitamins and minerals will do wonders for our bodies and general health.